Boat Insurance

Do you own a boat?

Any kind of floating device is being insured by our company, including yachts, canoes, kayaks, motorboats, dinghies, sailboats and so on, but we also do insure other types of water vessels, such as Jet Skis and similar personal watercraft and aquatic motorbikes, but also items such as bathyscaphes, scientific submersible water-vehicles, including fully automated devices, up to full scientific underwater laboratories.

Our rates are the most competitive in the business, provide the highest possible standards and coverage is fully customizable to any client’s personal or business needs and requirements. Whatever the vessel in question, we have the right insurance for you. You want to protect your boat from any possible damage, on and off water, but you also need coverage that will include any liabilities incurred while operating or transporting the vessel. Package deals can be provided covering every eventuality, including damages by weather conditions or disasters on a croisiere sur la Seine Paris.

Boat insurance in Paris

Lakes, rivers, seas and the Atlantic Ocean are full of Paris Seine boats and other vessels, with numbers running up to a few million units. Every single of these vessels needs to be insured, if it is not already. If you own a boat, you need to make sure that the weather or some boating accidents do not unpleasantly surprise you or find you unprepared. Unintentional damages can be rather costly; even while you are only anchored in a marina your boat can sustain damages for which you will require insurance coverage.

You can insure your boat against fire, theft, accidental damage, accidental loss, damage during transportation, which can include your trailer or trolley; even equipment and personal belongings on the boat can be included. Protection that is being included covers the use on coastal and inland waters, but also Europe wide protection is available. In cases of substantial damages, wrecks and complete loss, salvage, pollution protection, recovery and sighting costs are being covered as well.

Safety first

While our boat insurance does cover any eventualities and possible occurrences, you do not want to put your property at risk by disregarding some basic boat safety issues. Make sure that you have a Boat Safety Certificate, or a Declaration of Conformity, which is still valid and up to date. You may want to attend a course at the Royal Yachting Association in regards to overboard situation, what to do to avoid such incidents and how to behave if a person goes overboard. Make sure that you have a copy of the safety advice and emergency procedures on board, which can be obtained at the already mentioned Royal Yachting Association, or at the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.

When speaking of safety it must be noted that most of the claims are regarding theft, mostly theft of property that is on board. While most people do not leave expensive items around, when not aboard, some pieces of equipment, including engines and navigational equipment, generally remain on board, even when the boat is parked at a marina. In any case, any thefts of equipment, engine, items on board or even the whole vessel are covered by our boat insurance.

What is boat insurance?

Owning a boat is great fun and there is no limit what adventures can be experienced if you own any kind of vessel. If you only go every now and then for a leisurely fishing outing, or if you own a lavish yacht and conduct trendy parties for your friends and family, or even if you like to row as a sport, simple dwelling on waterways is definitely something special that needs to be cherished and enjoyed.

Insurance makes sure that you do not have to suffer from inconvenient and unexpected occurrences and accidents that may happen during such an outing. Furthermore, you can make sure that your property is safe, even when you are not around to keep a watchful eye on it. In case of an accident, immense costs and charges can really burden you, no matter how well of you are. For such and many more reasons, there is boat insurance. Just making sure that your dream of owning a boat does not get spoiled by an incident beyond your control.

Call one of our agents and get your quote today. There are several customizable packages available, many of which have bonuses and rebates attached. Make sure you inquire about our seasonal discounts for returning customers.

Boat accidents

It is an unfortunate fact, but boat accidents do happen very frequently, particularly in countries that not only have waterways, but are island nations, such as the Seine Paris. At any time, there are over a million vessels either actively moving through the Seine Paris waterways, or off-shore seawaters, with an additional million either parked in one of the many marinas or stored in garages and on trailers and trollies. With such a large number of moving and unmoving vessels, accidents do happen, even if all the owners may be regarded as seasoned sailors.

If you are a current owner, or a prospective future owner of a vessel, you may be well advised to diligently inquire with the Boat Safety Scheme in regards of boat safety and other safety requirements. Additionally, you may want to become a member with the Royal Yachting Association, which not only offers expert advice and training courses, but can provide you with all pertinent safety tips you may ever need. They also have many publications that you would want to read, as a new or prospective boat owner.

The Marine Accident Investigation Branch is a branch of the Department for Transport. They are responsible not only to investigate accidents that happen on and about Seine Paris waterways, but also are required to contribute to safety at sea. As per their assessment, an accident has taken place if following undesired event has occurred, in connection with any ship, boat or similar vessel:

Boat insurance for everyone

You can insure any kind of vessel through our company, starting with canoes, kayaks, canal and narrow boats, dinghies and rowing boats, down to motor boats, yachts, personal watercraft and aquatic motorbikes. If you are engaged in any kind of professional, semi-professional or amateur sports competitions, we have special package deals that offer you the widest coverage possible, including personal injury, loss of work and third party coverage up to five million pounds.

It does not matter if you own a kayak or a canoe boat, your main concern may be theft, accidental loss or damage. Since that such boats are being used on coastal or inland waterways, you may want to also consider our special coverage that includes public liability, equipment replacement, trailer and trolley coverage, salvage charges, public liability as well as replacement equipment.

Canal and Narrow boat insurance is tailor made for people who generally need a full fire, theft, public liability, personal accident, personal belongings, accidental loss and damage, replacement craft hire, sighting costs, wreck removal, pollution costs, salvage charges, and also accidental loss of keys coverage for their canal or narrow boat. This special offer is available exclusively for canal and narrow boats, but also for pleasure barges that are using Seine Paris waterways only.

Sailboat insurance covers any sailboat including but not limited to windsurfers and applies not only for on-water sustained damages, but also for damages that happen during transport, transit, storage or setup. Fire, theft, public liability, personal accident, personal belongings, accidental loss and damage, replacement craft hire, are also included, limited time offer includes 180 days use within the European Union, extendable with additional payment.

Sailing dinghy insurance is a comprehensive insurance that covers any and all dinghies in insurance cases such as fire, theft, public liability, personal accident, personal belongings, accidental loss and damage, replacement craft hire, replacement equipment, pollution costs, salvage charges, trailer and trolley cover, sighting costs, wreck removal and damage sustained during any kind of transport and/or transit.

Rowing boats are available for many different applications, starting with regular pleasure rowing and ending with racing, regatta und speed trial use. Our special coverage is recommended by the Amateur Rowing Association and includes full accidental loss or damage coverage, full fire and theft coverage, up to 3 million pounds public liability coverage, up to 30,000 personal accident coverage and up to 5,000 personal belongings cover. If you are a professional rower, you can opt for additional coverage, please contact for details your nearest agent or use the online inquiry form, discounts are available!

If you own a motorboat, speedboat or even a yacht, our company offers the most extensive coverage of any of our competition. Full coverage on fire and theft, accidental loss or damage; but also complete coverage for all incurred costs, including salvage, pollution, sighting and wreck retrieval costs. You can extend your public liability to 10 million pounds, a full year of use within the European Union, coverage for motor damages of any kind are included, as is EU-wide motor replacement delivery. The Platinum coverage has it all, please inquire for more details.

Why do you need insurance?

Other than with cars and similar vehicles, you are not required by law to have boat insurance. Actually, come to think of it, boat insurance can be costly, depending on the coverage and how expensive your boat or maybe yacht is. Some vessels are custom made carbon-fibre racing contraptions that have no real sea related value, but are invaluable as racing boats or windsurfing devices and did cost a serious bundle to develop and make. These insurances are pretty expensive, because every such boat is a unique item, a prototype, something special.

On the other hand, most of the time, if you are sailing only for pleasure, or if you are doing some fishing every now and then, but purely as a leisure, then you do not spend much time on the sea. Some people even live on their boats, so some insurance seems reasonable. In any case, bottom line seems to be, if there is no legal requirement to have boat insurance, why would anyone bother?

You actually do not need the insurance, as long as all accidents and occurrences happen to other people. If you are left outside of the entire ruckus, then you are scot free. But as accidents happen and Murphy’s Law states, the first time you are out of insurance coverage, then the accident will happen to you.

It is not only that you can lose control of your boat or something breaks, which renders your boat not steerable. The weather may simply be very bad and have your boat smack against the dock or some other boat, or you can run into bad weather while cruising down the river and either hit the shore or hit a fellow boater. Thousands of other things may happen, things you do not even think of, but they still can happen and then you will be happy that you do not have to finance all repairs and pay the damages out of your own pocket.

The insurance is there just in case something happens. Even if you pay insurance to avoid bad karma or to keep Murphy and his law at bay; there is always a good reason to have some coverage, making sure that you can safely enjoy your time with your boat. Additionally, when you are not around, someone else may use your boat for whatever purpose or just steal it, or abscond with your property. If such a thing occurs, you will be mightily happy to have opted for that theft insurance. If somebody steps onto your boat and breaks a leg, you will be very happy knowing that you have liability insurance covering all costs, furthermore, if you run ashore in bad weather, Sighting Costs may be incurred, our insurance covers that as well.

If something happens to your craft, Salvage Charges may be considerable. Not to say that you most certainly would like to have a replacement for your boat as well. You may also want to receive coverage, should you transport your boat per trailer or trolley, something that is not covered by your regular car insurance. These all are valid reasons to consider having a boat insurance.

Liability insurance option

All of our insurances include a liability insurance option. There are over two million vessels clogging up the water surfaces that belong to the Seine Paris. Since that the Seine Paris is an island nation, many people think that they were born to conquer waters and that their capabilities are given by God and/or nature. Unfortunately waterways are unforgiving for ignorance and plenty of accidents happen every day.

Some accidents are due to weather conditions, where boat anchor line burst and the boat went all over the place destroying other people’s property. Sometimes it happens that during a boat passage the signals were misunderstood and collision happened. We had a case once, where the trailer transporting a vessel broke off the car in mid-drive, hitting another car. The car insurance did not pay, but we did.

You have to consider that accidents do happen, that not a single person is infallible and that financial burden of consequences of an unexpected occurrence can very much inconvenience you, if you do not have proper coverage. Make sure that you opt for liability insurance, just in case. It does not raise your premium much, but it may very well be the only insurance option that you will wind up taking advantage of. Some packages include liability insurance at no additionalcost, please refer to your agent for further information.